Yep, that's us!

Brother and sister have teamed up to bring you your next favorite cycling event. We've ridden in countless events over the years and decided we should do the same. Incorporating some of our favorite attributes from our favorite rides, we also strive to deliver a unique and fun experience for all.


Ted Wargin

A 3rd (possibly 4th) generation Wargin to live in Colorado, Ted grew up in Broomfield and at a very early age, mastered the “dirt hills” behind the Wargin house on his BMX. He vividly remembers buying his first real bike (with his own money) from Wheat Ridge Cyclery - that Redline 600C saw a lot of miles around Broomfield and beyond.

Ted started hitting the road in high school and accomplished his first century ride as a freshman using a full rigid mountain bike (another bike he bought with his own money – this time the funds came from winning his age group at the Denver Turkey Trot). Ted didn’t accomplish the 100 mile feat on an organized ride – it was on a whim with his buddy. The plan was to ride 50 miles from Broomfield to Greeley and back. When the two got to Greeley, his buddy bailed and Ted stopped into a 7/Eleven for a soda and three Zingers (no water). Needless to say, Ted struggled to get home but somehow he made it.

Fast forward thousands of miles and Ted is an entirely different animal on two wheels (skinny and fat). On the road, Ted has proudly ridden in the Courage Classics (12 times), Elephant Rock (6 times), Copper Triangle (3 times), Ride the Rockies (4 tours), the Deer Creek Challenge Century, and the Double Triple Bypass (2 times).

On fat tires, Ted has set PR’s on each of the three Firecracker 50’s he has entered. He has also taken his knobbies along the first 100 miles of the Colorado Trail, on a Bikerpeli Tour, and has packed them up for treks to Moab, Hawaii and Fruita. Closer to home, Ted has hit just about every Jeffco Open Space park.

Ted is married to Lynnette, who is a very active runner and volunteer. They have two energetic and adorable girls, Zoe and Mia.

Susie Wargin

Susie was born in Denver and moved to Broomfield at the age of 2. The best mode of transportation around the (then) small town was by bike and she took hers everywhere: piano lessons, babysitting, and her job at a health club. Her favorite bike was an orange colored 10-speed she received as a birthday present. These days her bikes (road and time trial) have just a few more gears!

As a college graduation present she received a Specialized Hard Rock mountain bike which she used for many years on the Courage Classic. She even hooked up a trailer and toted her son around on a couple of tours. That nonsense ended one year on Swan Mountain when Justin (then 3) asked if she could go any faster because he was getting too hot.

In 2006, Susie took the plunge into triathlons and bought a road bike. The Hard Rock was history. Her love affair with the road has taken her through 16 Courage Classics, 4 Elephant Rocks, 3 Copper Triangles, 3 Ride the Rockies tours, an MS 150, the Deer Creek Challenge Century, the Double Triple Bypass (twice!) and numerous triathlons including two ½ Ironman distances.

Susie’s favorite riding partner is her brother Ted. Every year he makes her a stronger cyclist during their training and organized rides. Because of the time they spend together, their close bond as children has grown to beyond special. Her hope is other siblings see their positive relationship and realize the importance of keeping close family ties.

Susie is married to Mike, who is the Director of Physical Education at a private high school. They have two spunky kids, Justin and Samantha.

Ed Wargin (our Pops)

Ed was born and raised in north Denver where he rode his bike every where along Federal, yes Federal, and beyond. He vividly remembers riding back and forth to Catechism every week – unfortunately he doesn’t recall what was taught in those CCE classes. He also made a lot of trips on two wheels to the gravel pits near his home, and to work when he was employed at a truck farm.

Ed experienced a life changing experience on his bike during one of his trips to the gravel pits: he got too close to the edge of a lake and started to slide down, bike and all. Somehow he managed to stop just before hitting the water which was a good thing because he didn’t know how to swim. Soon after, he took swimming lessons!

These days Ed (Pops) sticks to the roads where his claim to fame is being a member of the Courage Classic’s Founder’s Club. He had ridden in 22 of their 23 tours! The only reason he missed the first one: he didn’t know about it. He also has an MS 150 under his belt, along with various other cycling events.

Ed was the inspiration for his children to get involved with cycling events and tours. Over the years, the Courage Classic has become a family tradition for the Wargin’s and their support crew. Ed continues to support Susie and Ted as they take on new challenges every year both on and off their bikes.